About Us & Mission

About Us

CIRRUS Fitness possess the unique ability to transform attitudes.

Founded in 2012 by Ken Dichter, CIRRUS aims to motivate healthy living through creating products that are personal to the user in this pursuit.

Our products are meant to:

  • Help you get started
  • Push you to keep going
  • Motivate you in the pursuit of good health

Our products are used by the best athletes in the world and made to commercial grade quality.

Our Custom Fitness Solution program provides corporations, retailers, fitness/yoga studio, hotels and resorts and non-profits to carry through their fitness mission in their custom colors and logo.


Cirrus Fitness strives to enrich lives through healthier living by creating fitness products that motivate and inspire athletes, students, alumni and fans to reach their fitness goals. The motivation and inspiration is derived from the collegiate and professional license marks featured on the fitness equipment. Cirrus Fitness designs and showcases custom branded fitness equipment with school/team logos and colors. Cirrus Fitness products will motivate its users to go the extra mile, do one more rep, train harder and train longer through inspirational products.