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Cirrus Fitness Launches New Product Line of Officially Licensed Foam Rollers

Cirrus Fitness, the premier manufacturer and distributor of authentic licensed fitness gear, is continuing to put pride and passion into fitness by launching its officially licensed foam roller line. Featuring one-of-a-kind original designs, CIRRUS has transformed a bland and cumbersome workout room necessity into a highly styled piece worthy of display.

“Foam rolling has proven to be one of the most useful practices in fitness,” said Jay Sapovits, Cirrus Fitness CEO and President. “ “We’ve transformed this bulky bland looking product into a display piece for your gym.”

A technique used by athletic professionals such as Alex Morgan and Stephen Curry, it has become an increasingly popular workout routine done by individuals at all levels of fitness. “Even for the days you don’t workout foam rolling helps distress, loosen out, and untighten your muscles,” explains personal trainer, Sue Merriott. An extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment, foam rolling uses range from the alleviation of knots in your muscles to shaping an impressive set of abs faster. 

Stretching alone is no longer enough. The Cirrus Fitness roller is high density, extra firm and its smooth texture self-massages the targeted muscles as it works to release muscle tightness and trigger points. Releasing this tightness and trigger points helps to reestablish proper movement patterns and pain free movement to ultimately enhance performance.

Available in 12”, 18”, and 36” rollers, the growing line proudly represents your teams’ colors. “We’re designing products outside the boundaries of the generic world of fitness. Your design, your college, there’s no reason gear shouldn’t be visually appealing,” points out Sapovits. While the generic brand comes in at a slightly lower price, what sets the Cirrus line apart is the motivation and determination users experience with their school’s pride. Not only will you recover like a pro, but push through the pain with the encouragement of your favorite team.

Cirrus Fitness foam rollers can currently be found online at www.cirrusfitness.com for purchase. Share this item through one or several forms of social media outlets to receive a 5% discount at checkout. For more information regarding Cirrus Fitness foam rollers or any other products offered, please send Cirrus a message under the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.