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Game Day in the Lone Star State

Texas - a state whose name means "hello friend," prides itself on supplying newcomers with good food, genuine conversations, endangered etiquette, and everything everyone else has, but bigger. Yet when it comes to a game of pig skin and you're on the other's almost as if their southern hospitality never existed.

Football in Texas has become a religion. Friday nights are spent under the lights as whole communities gather and deafeningly cheer on their home team. High school programs have evolved, recruiting prospective players from various districts and even other states just to increase their chances of winning the coveted state championship title.

Defending Big 12 Champs and No. 2 Texas Christian University (TCU) also have big expectations to fulfill this upcoming season. Faced with the challenge of proving themselves and becoming No. 1, TCU hopes to bring home the title. The excitement to succeed is at an all time high and supporting their efforts are their diehard purple fans.

In addition, this week games featuring the lone star state includes:
Texas Longhorns vs. Rice - 7:00pm ET
Texas A&M Aggies vs. Ball State Cardinals - 7:00pm ET
TCU Horned Frogs vs. Steph. R. Austin Lumberjacks - 3:30pm ET
Vanderbilt Commodores vs. Georgia Billdogs - 3:00pm ET
Baylor Bears vs. Lamar Big Red - 7:30pm ET
Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. UTEP Paydirt Petes - 3:00pm ET

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