Introducing CIRRUS -- Fitness products that motivate and inspire.

Do you ever lack motivation to work out?

Do you love your sports teams? 

CIRRUS Fitness marries your love of team and desires for a healthier you. Our products include a Yoga Mat, Fitness Mat, Equipment Mat, Medicine Ball, Stability Ball, BottleBand and a Yoga Bag. Future products include a Foam Roller, Block, Yoga Towel and Jump Rope. Many of our products can be found in the leading strength and conditioning rooms of college and professional teams whose licenses we represent. The same products the professionals use are also available to fans on our website.

The link between sports and fitness is being strengthened through yoga by the participation of professional athletes. While most of us can’t associate with a 250lb bench press, yoga is a more common exercise to fans and 28% of those who practice yoga have done so for the first time within the year. If you’re one of those participants, you’ll know, anyone newly doing yoga will get their butts kicked – pro athletes or fans.

A simple search on Google of NHL Yoga, NBA Yoga , MLB Yoga yields the names of star players who are embracing the alternative training method. The list is steep and includes LeBron and former champions like Shaq and Kareem. The key attributes in training through yoga include grace, finesse, strength and focus – all helpful to gain an edge in competitive sports, business and life. It is well documented in this years NBA Playoffs, Coach Blatt of the Cavaliers put away his chalkboard in exchange for a yoga session at the team hotel. The Cavs responded by eliminating the Bulls and are set to compete for a World Championship.

Are you part of the 20.4 million Americans who practiced yoga last year?

Do you want an edge in motivating through your next work out?

CIRRUS currently offers products with licenses from: NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, Team USA and over 160 universities.